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Tips and natural way Meniruskan Cheeks you can do Diet, Health

Cheek tyre is still a dream most women in Indonesia. Some even believe that a beautiful woman and ideal is women who tyre and cheek not tembem.

Outwardly, there are some women who are born have round cheeks and tembem. However, the increase in the volume of the cheeks is a sign that there is indeed gaining weight means on a person's body either women or men.

How do I Get Natural cheek Tyre?
There is no other way to meniruskan the cheeks naturally than by reducing weight. Automatically with the effort to reduce excess fat in the body, then the cheeks will shrink naturally. Exercise and keep healthy food intake is one of the natural ways to reduce excess body weight. Here are a few tips you can do to get cheek tyre naturally:

Sport Physical Activity &
Exercising and doing physical activity at least 30 minutes each day will help you lose fat. This will also automatically create a tyre on your cheeks.

Choose aerobic-type exercise gradually for at least 10 minutes each day can help you control the excess weight. Aerobic exercise you can perform among others walk as early stages. If you are already more fit by walking regularly boost the sport you're into cycling, skipping, or jogging.

Walking distance you'll burn at least 149 calories every 30 minute of it. Jogging at the speed of 10 seconds per mile can burn 372 calories every 30 minute of it. A wide range of aerobic sports which involve the movement of the whole body like a basketball, tennis or football will also help burn fat more effectively.

Maintain a healthy and balanced Nutrition Intake
Nutritional intake of a healthy and balanced diet still needed for optimal metabolism. A diet that is too tight will make the facial skin sagging and mengkerut. Skinny too fast will cause facial skin has no chance to shrink up to par and gradual. Cheek will tend to bergelambir as well as being the cause you look unhealthy.

Keep your fruit and vegetable intake of at least 5 servings per day. Consumption of a glass of unsweetened fruit juice is also equivalent to a serving of fruit, avoid instant food, fastfood and high content of sugar or salt. Expand the consumption of fish for protein content is good and do not skip breakfast.

Don't need strict diet if you want an ideal weight. Simply subtract the portion of your daily meal into small portions. By lowering your calorie intake by as much as 500 – 1000 kcal per day. Your weight will go down by as much as half to 1 kilogram per week. Weight loss too drastically could be a sign you are experiencing disruptions in the body's sugar metabolism i.e. the disease of diabetes mellitus and its complications.

Diets that are too tight will also inhibit the activity of the metabolism of the cell. being the cause of his difficult to lose weight and you are increasingly difficult to get cheek who tyre. Avoid consumption of foods containing high salt because the salt will be binding, the water in the body, causing a sembab face, cheeks swell and the emergence of pockets under the eyes.
Keep your body properly hydrated
Keep the body with adequate water intake will help menggelontor a variety of toxins or impurities such as fat and excess salt in the body. The Institute of Medicine recommended water intake for women is as much as 2.7 liters per day, and for men at least 3.7 liters of water per day.

Cut down on fizzy drinks, high-caffeine and high in sugar or sweetener. Use a low-calorie sweetener sugar, for maintaining ideal body weight and getting cheek tyre with natural.

Using skin care and Facial
Implementing skin care, especially the facial skin will make you appear more clean, radiant and glowing. Cheeks who tyre but untreated will make unpleasant to be seen.

So other than by exercising, maintaining fitness and health face with skin care that are suitable for your skin type is one of the wise steps to get cheek tyre naturally and healthy.

Face Slimming Exercise
Slimming face exercise is a form of sports muscle that focuses on facial muscles are included in this are the cheeks, Chin and neck. Although weight loss centrally is the most potent recipes to get the cheeks of tyre, this type of facial exercise may also be an option and additional activities that you can perform each day to get cheek tyre natural and healthy.

The first step:

Stand tall in front of a mirror or in a place away from the crowds to get the atmosphere relaxed. Raise your head and hadapkan into the sky. Also lifting the Chin to top up. At the same time the suction to the inside of your cheek, hold for 5 seconds, relax and release contact cheeks. Repeat this movement as much as 10-15 times.

The second step:

Stand tall in front of a mirror or in a place away from the crowds to get the atmosphere relaxed. Open your mouth, and raba where Your cheekbones. Place the Palm of the hand on both the left and right cheek bone, with oval, circular motion, massage the muscles of the cheeks to the cheekbones (the movement pushing to the top). Hold for 5 seconds, relax and release the massage Your back and shut up.

After executing this movement you will feel the presence of the prisoner on the muscles of the cheeks. It can be helpful to get cheek tyre naturally.

The third step:

By standing or sitting with relaxed, hold the muscles of the mouth on the tip of your lips with the fingers of the right hand and left. And then drag to the bottom. While this muscle draws down towards the Chin, make smile with lips shut. Hold the smile 5 seconds then release, relax. Repeat as much as 10 to 15 times each day.

Step four:

The fourth step in addition to helping shape the face, this movement will help reduce double chin or excess folds on the lower Chin area. Bend the head facing the sky, point also Chin up, push the bottom lip to be in position over the upper lip. Push sump lips as far as you can afford.

Hold for 5 seconds, relax and repeat as much as you let go of 10 – 15 times in a day. After executing the movement correctly, you will feel the pull on the muscles of the neck and Chin to the bottom of the ear. When you do this movement with routine and good, folds in the Chin will be lost and you will get the cheeks of tyre with natural.

Such information about some tips to get the cheeks of tyre. Starting from the original exercise, healthy and balanced nutrition intake as well as slimming face exercise that you can choose to perform on a regular basis at home. Good luck and hopefully useful!