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Tips and how to wear the correct face masks

Wear a face mask in ways the right will help you get the desired results. Currently you may often wear a mask, but if the way you are doing is right? Especially if the price of the mask is expensive, very affectionate if used not by the rules. There are tips and how to wear the correct face masks corresponds to the stage of facial skin care.

Face masks can be created naturally at home and you buy the instant in-store cosmetics. For those of you who have sensitive skin types should use natural homemade face masks from materials that are easy to come by.

While for other skin types can try a mask appropriate for the skin. Sensitive skin type will usually be susceptible to irritation when in contact with chemicals. Fragrance or perfume in a cosmetic typically become the cause of the irritation.

Thus it turns out that how to wear the correct face masks
Wearing a mask is not able to directly share origin just like you wear powder, it turns out there's another treatment sequence rules before you use the mask. Expensive masks you have at this time could be no visible reaction in the skin of the face because it is the way of use and the sequence of treatments you do during this time is not appropriate. Then how exactly how to use the right face mask? Following in his footsteps:

Clean face
Clean your face using facial wash. Select appropriate skin type facial wash. Facial wash will help cleanse the skin surface from dirt, dust and grease. When you buy one package of cosmetic products, this facial wash is usually already exist in one package.

Scrubbing done to help exfoliate (appointment of dead skin cells from the surface of the skin). You can make your own scrub of natural ingredients. Including by mixing granulated sugar with honey, or sugar with lemon. Granular scrub will help lift the dead skin cells and other impurities remain.

Other natural scrub ingredient that you can try is the coffee powder and salt. Egypt women using salt as a natural ingredient for scrubbing. Sugar or salt can also be mixed with liquid facial wash. Roll out to the rest of the face skin while memijatnya. Afterwards clean with cold water.

Open the facial pores
Before using the mask, the next thing you have to do is open up the pores of the face so that nutrients from the mask that will be used can seep into the skin. How do you do? Take a clean towel and then dip into the warm water. Squeeze a little and then paste on the surface of the skin of the face.

Or it could be a wash face with warm water, and then dry your face out of the water. Facial skin will feel more relaxed and ready to receive nutrients from the mask.

Use face masks
After the face is dry, flatten the mask on the face of the Sun. Avoid eye and lip part. Pick up pieces of cucumber or kentan, or tomatoes. Then paste it into the closed eye balls. Its function is to give the impression of relaxing on the eyes and skin.

The position of the mask should be lying in the position of nutrients can more easily seep into the pores of the skin. Lay one for a few minutes. The average person using a mask of 10 to 15 minutes. Then after that, flush and clean the mask from the face skin using cool water. You can wear a facial mask natural or bottled for sale.
Use facial toner
After your face is clean of the mask, Pat dry facial skin first. The next step is to use facial toner. This toner will help face skin fresh, prevent skin irritation and so on.

Afterwards, it could proceed with the use of foundation and powder. But keep in mind, don't use too much foundation because it can clog pores that had previously been cleared.

You can also simply only use the cream during containing a sunscreen with a lighter texture than the foundation. The use of sunscreen is mandatory if you want to break the law during the day, both inside and outside the home. At home keep it is recommended to use sunscreen because sometimes such activities in the kitchen will make the skin exposed to the heat of that annoying skin condition.

Other things you need to know About facial masks
In wearing face masks, there are some important things you notice, such as:

Using face masks we recommend 2 to 3 times a week, especially if the mask is not a mask made from natural you make yourself at home.
Flatten the mask using a brush face, not by hand.
When you use the mask packs, we recommend that you read the rules of use are printed on the packaging.
When you use the mask from natural ingredients at home, then we recommend that you create a mask made from fresh, newly created.
After using the mask, you can mencipratkan the cold water to the face to help close the pores back last open.
If you are using a mask made from clay, then we recommend that you wash the clay before drying out. Soil dries thus will make wrinkles on the face so as to make the stripes.
Tools and materials required by the time will wear masks include masks, brushes, towels, pieces of cucumber or potato, toner and moisturizer to be used after wearing the mask.
Use a mask you can do in the day or night, select the time that you really are casual and relaxed.
In the choose the type of mask that will be used, you should consider your needs and the type of skin you have. Suppose you have a dark skin color or has a black stain, then you can choose the mask bengkoang.

The problem of pimples and blackheads, this type of mask is a mask, mask lemon lemon, saffron, papaya mask mask, mask galingale rice and so on. The problem of facial skin dull and freckles could wear masks tomato, banana mask, masks of Aloe Vera, lemon and honey mask, and so on.

Select the type of mask in accordance with the existing skin problems. Note also what your skin type so that it could choose the appropriate materials.

How to wear the correct face masks will be seen from the results obtained. It turns out that wearing a mask can not be the origin of the usage, because the desired nutrient to treat skin should really get into skin on skin condition is ready. Thus will give the desired properties in accordance with skin problems. Errors that often occur when will wear masks, we just clean the face with regular cleansers, scrubbing or exfoliation without doing.