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Tips and how to Eliminate Fish Eye on skin

How to remove eye fish known to the community as it is a variety mainly comes from a variety of herbal ingredients. Call it the SAP SAP of Cambodia, papaya, lemon even extreme ways such as using cigarettes that are being lit and mendekatkanya to the exposed skin of fish eyes. The question now is whether in fact these fish eye disease and how does eliminate the fish already mentioned above is the right way?

The eye of the fish is the layman to a skin disorder in which the skin thickening occurred that usually arise in the area of the sole of the foot and feels pain. The actual fish eye disease is an illness that occurs due to the mechanical recurring trauma in medical terms is usually called clavus, corn or heloma. For that in this article we will present a number of ways of eliminating fish eye you have to do, especially in terms of reducing the mechanical trauma on a specific area of dikulit. Happy reading!

General handling you can do as a way of Removing the eyes of Fish
As already mentioned before the main causes of the incidence of fish eyes are the eyes of the fish though mechanical trauma can be caused by a blockage of the blood vessel problems and infections viruses. Mechanical trauma that question is the friction or pressure that occurs continuously in a long period of time. For that reason in addition to discussing how to eliminate fish we will also present the prevention of mechanical trauma that caused the eyes of the fish in the following discussion.

1. use comfortable shoes

How to remove the first fish eye that we'll discuss related to how to avoid a preventive mechanical trauma resulted in the formation of the eye of the fish at your feet. Why shoes? This is due to the fish's eye most cases found in the foot, but did not close the possibility that a person exposed to the eyes of fish elsewhere as well as the palms. Please choose the right size shoe and is comfortable for you to use because of a loose shoe will make the risk of friction between foot and shoe.

Not only that if you feel the inside of your shoes is rude and makes you uncomfortable, then you can mengakalinya using socks. In addition one of the cause of someone experiencing eye fish is abnormalities in the shape of a thumb to his feet, where the curved claw like shape can cause constant friction. To resolve this problem you can use shoes with larger sizes and have a part in the tender.

2. Keep the foot hygiene
Still in touch with how to prevent the occurrence of fish eyes, cleanliness of your feet into one of the factors that must be considered. Previously we had mentioned that fish eye also has other names namely heloma, where in most cases heloma besides thickening the skin there are wounds that are infected by bacteria or fungi. To resolve this problem you can use antiseptic SOAP when cleaning the rest of the body including both legs. If must use closed shoes while working every day then make sure that the shoe was released immediately after work, then wipe your feet and let the legs exposed to free air.

3. Wear Gloves

In addition to attacking the sole fish eyes can also attack the Palm of the hand, especially for those with a lot of activities by using a mechanical traumatic hand and continuously as in a housewife. The use of these gloves for housewives is considered quite help reduce the trauma is happening.

4. obesity Sufferers, reduce weight

Excess body weight is indeed often pose a problem, as it also happens in the case of fish eyes. Mechanical trauma in the form of pressure on the sole of the foot by excess weight in quite a long time will trigger the formation of fish eyes. For that weight loss for those who suffer from obesity is one way of removing the eyes of fish.

5. skin Exfoliating Remedies

How to remove a fish's eyes is with the use of drugs is known as a keratolytic agents, which serves mengelupaskan thick skin on the fish eye disease. An example of this is the keratolitik medicines or ointments cream urea, lactic acid and salicylic acid and not only is the use of garlic extract is also proven to help exfoliate the thick fish eyes on the case. The use of materials that we have already mentioned this need the recipe and also the region from doctors, so you need to saw a doctor.

It is also needed to determine how large a percentage of the drug keratolitik needed by each person, because of thickening of the skin that occurs in every fish eye sufferers are not the same. In addition it is also already is injecting therapy options directly on the fish eye area using drugs Triamcinolon, just not all cases need this because it involves injecting Triamcinolon can also cause side effects. This is the reason fish eye problems though impressed less dangerous you still need to do the examination to the doctor.

6. Laser

Not only is using drugs, how to eliminate fish can now be performed using a laser technique of carbon dioxide. The use of carbon dioxide laser is used mainly in the case of fish eyes are deep enough and not enough if overcome by treatment from the outside.

7. Engineering operations
How to remove the last fish eyes which will be discussed in this article is the technique of the operation. Engineering operations itself became the last option if the way eliminate fish that's been mentioned earlier does not reduce pain complaints and also a sense of discomfort caused by this disease. Operating technique used also varied ranging from peeling off the skin thickened part, until some of the techniques of operations to correct abnormalities of bone anatomy, as in the case of the thumb that is shaped like a claw.

Thus a number of general handling you can do as a way of eliminating the fish eye. In some cases special fish eyes are indeed needed treatment and therapy in a particular address the problem that many attack this woman. For example in the case of fish eye caused by viral infection i.e. Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) or better known as skin warts.

This case requires the handling of a dermatologist to get best results although handling is done not so different by way of removing the eyes of fish in General. Examination by a doctor anyway we recommend that handling this fish's eyes can run well and the risk of recurrence also reduced. Last May the articles on general handling tips and how to eliminate these fish are beneficial for all of us.