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This is fetal development when reaching the age of 6 months

Knowing the fetal development when reaching the age of six months is important for a mother. At this age the fetus enters the stage very active to grow and develop. Mother is at the end of the second trisemester and will soon start entering the beginning of third trisemester. The following will be presented information regarding the details of fetal development, needs 6 months nutrition and stimulation that are met by the mother.

6 months of fetal development details
In the early age of 24 weeks the fetus is normal weight is about 600 grams, with the length of the backbone reaching 30 cm and will increase each week. The shape of the face look perfectly, with the help of ULTRASOUND tool will easily see the shape of the eyebrows, eyelids and eyelashes and fuzz on the face of the fetus.

In this age of the fetus can suck her thumb, and not seldom you can feel fetal hiccups that plagued you. His hearing began to work, the first in sound heard was the heartbeat and the sound of his mother.

At the age of 25 weeks fetal skin would look looks pink and reddish. Indication that small blood vessels began to form and flow the blood rich in oxygen from the lungs to the rest of her body.

The organ has been formed perfectly to distinguish day and night. About 27 weeks the fetus will open her eyes for the first time. Rapid brain development will also affect the occurrence of Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep on the condition of the fetus. This means the fetus has undergone a phase of dream since the age of 6 months.

Lung organ is at the phase of maturation. Surfactant substances formed during fetal lung cells function as stabilizers substances. Maintain and strengthen the function of the air sacs in his. At the end of the week to 27 a fetus began studying amniotic water through inhalation. Fetal heart rate slows down at this age, about 140 times per minute.

If the child in the womb is a man, at the moment this is a reproductive tool i.e. the testes will start moving down toward the abdominal cavity of the testicular SAC (scrotum). If female reproductive organs, then (the egg) will begin to form.

At this age the bones and organs of motion has formed solid. Organ pencernaannya formed the first baby poop is black (meconium). Until the end of the month to 6, normal fetal weight reaches 750 grams and has resembled a miniature human.

The mother's condition is more stable at the end of the second trimester. Some conditions of discomfort that can occur include the incidence of blackish markings and itching on the abdomen. Itchy and dry feeling on the eyes, back pain, constipation as well as comfortable on the breasts (lactation organ) that results from the process of lactation that began to form. Not rarely also colostrum or liquid yellow and creamy going a little out of Your feeding organs.

Tips on Nutrition and stimulation of Fulfillment of the fetus
Development of fetal age 6 months need special attention in terms of nutrition and stimulation. The following will be presented some tips nutritional fulfillment are essential to being filled for mom:
1. Consumption of foods containing folate, calcium, iron, zinc, and fiber

Folate requirements can be fulfilled optimally by consumption of folic or tablets with a drink of milk pregnant. This is important for fetal brain development and intelligence.

For the fulfillment of needs calcium for the sake of the growth of bones and fetal motion organs, can be met through the beans, fruit juice, dark green vegetables and low-fat dairy products.

Iron needs can be fulfilled optimally through consumption of iron tablet combined with the consumption of vitamin c. Zinc serves to prevent the occurrence of the condition of the defects in the fetus, the meat and seafood is the kind of food that contain zinc.

Fruit and vegetable and food high in fiber function prevents the occurrence of constipation and ambeien which can occur during pregnancy. Foods high in fiber also helps maintain a sense of satiety for longer.

2. The consumption of fruits and foods rich in Antioxidants

Foods rich in antioxidants can be obtained easily by melaksanan food combinations. Use the selection of food with the concept of the rainbow of food is one way to get foods rich in antioxidants. The way this is good because it introduces a variety of nutrients in the fetus.

3. Choose Organic food ingredients and pesticide-free

The pesticide is toxic ingredients that can interfere with fetal development to age 6 months. Avoid consumption of imported fruits are likely to contain a lot of pesticides such as pears, apples and strawberries.

4. Fill the need Omega-3 fatty

Omega-3 is very good for brain development and persyarafan in fetal development. Omega-3 a lot of seafood, but to avoid the high substance mercuri on seafood avoid selecting fish that is not fresh, the fish in cans as well as various types of fish predators.

Provide Stimulation to aid its development
In addition to nutrition, stimulation is also very important are implemented, to support intelligence and cognitive function of the fruit of your heart. Here are some activities that can provide stimulation for the intelligence of the fetus:

1. Perdengarkan music or Verses of the Holy Quran

Various studies have proven the effects of music and verse of the Holy Quran can make a fetus in the womb is more quiet and intelligent. Play your favorite music which makes it convenient are believed to also give a better effect.

2. Storytelling and urge them to Speak

Storytelling and invites the fetus talking is a good stimulation for the brain and hearing organs of the fetus. Especially in this age of the fetus can hear various sounds from the outside world of her womb. Storytelling also improves the inner bond between mother and fetus.

3. Stimulation with a touch

Since the age of 8 weeks, the fetus can feel and touch-sensitive mothers. Gently wipe your stomach can provide a feeling of comfort to the fetus, lowering pulse and reduce excess movement.

4. Keep your Mind relaxed and Stress-Free

Stress and fatigue are the main cause of occurrence increases blood pressure in the mother during pregnancy. It also triggered the fetal stress and interfere with the process of the development of the brain. To reduce stress, the mother can do light activity such as walking, writing, storytelling and is strongly recommended for mothers with pregnancy the fetus is 6 months to meet the needs of sleep well.

There are as many as 70 common causes of miscarriage. At the age of 6 months the fetus is the cause of most miscarriages are genetic disorders, infections as well as the influence of the mother's condition such as obesity and diabetes. Environment also plays a major role, avoid cigarette smoke as much as possible, and to reduce the consumption of drugs if not needed. If you are a worker's Mother, Start Your maternity leave set up a schedule to avoid tiredness due to work.

Such complete information about what is happening on the fetal development of 6 months, the need for nutrition and stimulation which is obligatory are met as well as some tips on keeping the pregnancy on trisemester second. May be useful.