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The various causes of Migraines frequently Occur Right

You might be wondering what causes a migraine right, therefore, look at the following articles. Headache does not occur only on the entire head, but can also occur in one section only. This condition is termed as migraine. Next to migraine or headache may occur on the right or the left. Suffer from migraines will certainly very disturbing, especially if it occurs at a time of crucial moments. What else a person suffering from migraines usually will experience recurrent attacks or recurrences. This is certainly making penderinya feel anxious if at any time migrainnya relapse.

Migraines are generally perceived as throbbing pain on one side of the head. The pain usually grow worse if doing the activities or existence of noise or excessive light. These symptoms also can be accompanied by nausea or vomiting. Migraines can take light or heavy. On the mild nature of migraine usually may subside after rest or medication pain relievers. However, in severe migraine is usually hard to recover despite taking medication headaches and Migraines come with intensity that often so it certainly would be very agonizing.

The Various Causes Of The Right Most Common Migraine
Right migraine can be experienced by anyone, both men as well as older people, young children to the elderly. Migraine headaches are often caused by mulfifaktor so that it is sometimes hard to diagnosed. There are even people who experience migraines throughout his life but only mild progress without experiencing serious conditions. But in some cases the right migraine can be a sign of the existence of dangerous diseases. The following are the 10 things that can become a cause of migraines to the right:

1. Difficulty sleeping or insomnia

Difficulty sleeping or insomnia can be the cause of migraine is right because it can cause tension in various tissues of the body including the brain. Sleep's sleep can also make cells work optimally and the body fresher. Therefore a healthy sleep is recommended during 7-8 hours a day. But sleep is too much nor is good for health because it will make the blood circulation and body metabolism is not smooth.

2. Stress/depression

Stress or depression in a person can cause a variety of health problems including migraine causes the left. You would certainly never feel when facing a lot of problems will usually cause the head feels dizzy. The increasingly dense work activities without balanced with time enough rest causes the current modern society are more prone to suffer from stress.

3. Obesity

Being overweight or obese can also be the cause of migraine is right. This is because on obese people then work the heart to pump blood throughout the body become heavier so not optimally distributed. When the blood contains nutrients and oxygen that is needed by all cells and tissues of the body including the brain. Lack of nutrients and oxygen to the brain is that often cause people to suffer from migraines.

4. Movement or the wrong body position

You've probably felt after waking body became ill all and head became dizzy. You have to be careful because your position is wrong when beds can also be the cause of migraine is right. So position your body especially the head as comfortable as possible when towards the bed, and use bedding and pillows are tender. In addition to the position of sleep, do the wrong movement while exercising can also cause injuries that can cause prolonged migraine. Therefore make it a habit of doing warm up before exercise and select the type of sports that suit your ability.

5. the temperature of overheating and dehydration

The cause of migraine is right next to the next temperature overheating as well as a shortage of liquid or dehydrated. These two things are related. Because when you're on the hot temperatures without balanced with enough fluids so very risky cause headaches. The heat that seared nerve can make more tense and more body secretes fluid through sweat.

6. The influence of hormones
Hormones can also affect the incidence of migraine right. This often happens in women especially pregnant or coming months/menstruation. This condition can also occur in women in transition towards menopause or in men who experience a decline in testosterone (andropause).

7. The presence of interference on the tooth or ENT channels

Toothache and the presence of interference on channel ENT (ear nose throat) can also be the cause of migraine is right. As we know, that in the area there are many teeth, nerve endings connected to the brain. That is why if our teeth hurt, it will be easy once experiencing headaches including migraines. Are disorders of the ENT for example sinusitis or rinitis also risk causing a migraine.

8. blood vessel blockage

Blockages in the blood vessels is generally caused by a nasty fat or cholesterol. Blockages often occur in arteries koronaria thus leading to coronary heart disease and may also occur in the blood vessels leading to the brain causing a stroke. The condition of one of them can be flagged with the onset of a migraine right.

9. The presence of infection in the brain

The existence of a brain infection, such as meningitis or encephalitis can also be the cause of migraine is right. Meningitis is an inflammation of the brain membranes of bacterial meningitis caused by Neisseria meningitidis. While encephalitis is an inflammation in the brain tissue that is generally caused by a virus.

10. Brain Tumor

A brain tumor is growing wild in the brain cells so formed the mass growing in the brain. The mass can be enlarged more and so disrupt healthy cells as well as hamper the distribution of oxygen to the brain so that it can trigger the onset of a migraine right.

To prevent a migraine right, things that you can do, among others, namely by reducing the high berkolesterol or fatty foods, avoid smoking, reducing Caffeine consumption, eating regularly late/not eating, and consume the liquid that is enough. Do sports regularly and routinely, but the thing to remember is do warming up beforehand to avoid effects that arise because the wrong body movements, one of which can cause migraines. You also have to have enough rest, avoid the habit of often stayed up late because it can trigger a recurrence on migraines. Always create a quiet mind and relax in order to escape from stress or depression.

You need to be wary if a migraine right you experienced severe increases, among other things marked with great pains (not subsiding despite taking medication headache), head aches come twice in a week or even every day, and the onset of symptoms such as fever, companion of vision disorders, seizures, tough talk, numbing or paralysis in the limbs. If there are signs of it then immediately consult a doctor for further examination and treatment.