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The various causes of Diarrhea blood Must Avoid!

The cause of the diarrhea blood can vary between people with one another. The cause of this can be light, but there are also causes. Blood diarrhea can be experienced by anyone, both children and adults. For those of you who are first time experiencing diarrhea blood surely feel fear and misgivings because of the worry that something dangerous is happening inside your body. We recommend that you do not panic directly if you are having diarrhea blood. Watch carefully whether you actually bleed Your stool together or just the color that turns into a somewhat red due to consuming certain food types. For there are also foods that can cause stool to become red, such as licorice, red beets, chocolate, iron supplements, and certain drugs.

If after you notice turned out in the stool you are actually there is blood, then you need to pay attention to the contributing factor. Berak blood based on the color of her stool was detectable whether originating from the upper digestive tract as well as the bottom. Diarrhea causes the blood that comes from the upper digestive tract can be viewed from a dark colored stool (blackish red). This is because the blood had passed through parts of the intestine and colon so that has undergone the process of oxidation of hemoglobin so dark colored stool. This condition in medical terms is often referred to as melena. While the bleeding comes from the lower part of the digestive tract, bright red colored stool. This bleeding usually occurs at the colon or in the rectum. This condition is called hematochezia.

Things that can become a cause of Diarrhea Blood
The occurrence of diarrhea blood can be caused by several factors. These factors can cause mild, but it can also be an illness that is acute or chronic. You need to be vigilant when having blood diarrhea, but no need to panic. The various causes of diarrhea to blood that is as follows:

The stool is too hard
Stool that is too loud, or often called with constipation or constipation, are common causes of diarrhea being blood. Hard stool can hurt part of the large intestine is mainly in the area of the rectum causing bleeding. The blood that came out due to the hard stool is usually fresh red because perlukaan happens on the lower part of the digestive tract. Stool too hard are usually caused due to lack of consumption of fiber and fluids in the body.

Hemorrhoids or ambeien
Hemorrhoids or ambeien is a condition in which the dilation occurs in the blood vessels in the anus. Hemorrhoids are often a cause of diarrhea blood because blood vessels that dilate the prone perlukaan especially when bypassed by the stool so that there is bleeding. People experiencing hemorrhoids usually experience pain and discomfort especially when sitting and bowel movements. There are several factors that can trigger the onset of hemorrhoids, among other too often experience constipation or constipation, which causes the sufferer will often mengejan when defecating and in time will make the blood vessels in the anal is getting wide and swelled so be hemorrhoids.

In addition, hemorrhoids can also be triggered by a variety of factors between lainakibat the problem of aging, overweight (obesity), prolonged diarrhea, disease and far too many sit without balanced with physical movement (sports). Hemorrhoids can also be caused due to unnatural sexual intercourse, for example due to intercourse through anus (anal sex). Blood coming out due to hemorrhoids also colored red.

Chronic ulcer disease
Chronic ulcer disease, which took place also can be a cause of diarrhea blood, for the production of excessive stomach acid will gradually erode the wall of the stomach so that the trigger perlukaan in the stomach and there was bleeding. Blood aftermath of wounds in the stomach it will be issued along with the stool. Blood stool out with a chronic ulcer caused by colour is dark red or blackish, as the bleeding came from the upper digestive tract.

Diverticulitis is inflammation in one or more diverticula (outer layer consisting of SAC-SAC) in the digestive tract. Diverticulitis is shaped like a small SAC bubbled which generally occurs in the large intestine. This inflammation can cause bleeding in the colon that can cause bloody bowel movements. Diverticulitis can be caused by excessive pressure in the colon, the stools are caught in the diverticula so that trigger inflammation, or because the aging factor which resulted in a decrease in function of the intestinal diverticula.

Inflammatory bowel disease
The cause of the diarrhea the next blood i.e. due to inflammatory bowel disease. Inflammatory disease or inflammation of the intestines that often result in hemorrhage i.e. crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. The disease is generally caused by a bacterial infection causing inflammation that triggered the bleeding in the intestines. Bleeding in the intestines can also be triggered by alirah limited blood (ischemia) in the large intestine causing diarrhea.

Colon cancer
Colon cancer can also cause the onset of diarrhea. Colon cancer is a type of cancer that attacks the colon. Symptoms of colon cancer, among others, in the form of discharge of blood along with feces, changing the texture density of stool, abdominal pain, flatulence, fatigue, and weight loss. The incidence of colon cancer is caused by cell growth in certain areas of the body that uncontrolled and damaging the surrounding tissue. At first, the colon cancer begins with the presence of lumps of cells in the lining of the intestine the inside then spread and destroy other cells nearby.

Risk factors that can trigger the growth of cancer cells is the consumption of foods which are carcinogenic, excessive fat consumption, genetic factors, factors of aging, smoking, alcohol, and konsusmsi suffering from diseases digestive disorders that are Chronicle.

Cirrhosis of the liver
Liver cirrhosis is a chronic liver disease that is characterized by damage to the liver cells. In cirrhosis of the liver structure where there is a change of heart is covered by scar tissue and bumps-bump hard that impedes the flow of blood toward the heart. The existence of barriers to the flow of blood in the heart this triggers an increase in the flow of blood around the liver thus leading to varicose veins. Varicose veins are often occur in the esophagus and in the stomach. If the pressure on the increasingly large varicose veins can cause bleeding that is vomiting blood or blood diarrhea. Blood diarrhea that results from this dark colour or cirrhosis is commonly referred to as melena.

To cause blood diarrhea caused by something that is still mild then you can overcome it by consuming foods that contain lots of fiber. Foods that contain lots of fiber is largely found in fruits and vegetables. So always provide fruits and vegetables in your daily menu in order to facilitate digestion so that reduces the risk of occurrence of diarrhea blood aftermath stool that is too hard. In addition to waging a digestive, perbanyaklah white water consumption at least 8 glasses per day. Doing sports activities and avoid too much sitting also minimize the risk of occurrence of diarrhea blood due to hemorrhoids. If you frequently experience diarrhea blood should consult the doctor in order to look for the cause and can be handled it early so there happen conditions getting worse.