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The Herpes drug important to know

Why do we need to know the cure herpes? The answer is simple, because herpes should be treated as soon as possible so as not to cause dangerous complications and interfere with your quality of life in the future. Herpes is one of the many skin diseases caused by viruses. Skin disease herpes is more commonly known by the term smallpox smallpox serpents or fire on the attacking community elderly with age range of over 50 years.

Herpes or smallpox is caused by the snake of the same virus causes chickenpox in children, namely Varicella Zooster Virus (VZV). After we recovered from the disease chicken pox during childhood, this virus is apparently not lost it but settled in nerve fibers and can appear to be herpes. For that let us refer to the discussion on travel disease herpes and herpes cure anything below!

What are the Herpes Drug Important for you to know?
To treat herpes, you should immediately checked myself to the doctor to get a diagnosis is also the proper therapy. This is because, skin complaints caused by the Varicella Virus Zooster requires different handling on each man according to the type of lesion that is in the body of the sufferer. Most herpes sufferers complained of rashes occurred in the form of liquid blisters with a reddish base, accompanied by pain and smarting also itching in some people.

Once diagnosed by a doctor you will be given some medication to reduce the complaints above. One of them is anti-virus drugs, such as Acyclovir, Famcyclovir and his Division. These drugs have the ability to limit viral infections in the body, in a manner restricting the process of replication or the progression of the virus. This remedy should you consume each day for 7 to 14 days, the optimal anti-virus medication will be prescribed for 10 days.

This anti-virus drugs is one of the very skin herpes remedy needed for sufferers with disorders of the immune system. We need to know that, virus infection is actually a self limiting disease which means infection can be cured only by relying on our body's own defense system. However, in cases where a person with a weak body durability and exposed to the herpes drug from outside is required to hold the progression of the virus in the body. The people in question, among others, patients with old age, HIV-AIDS patients, patients with diabetes and others.
In addition to drugs, the drugs anti virus the herpes disease often prescribed by doctors is an analgesic or pain. It is a given that the herpes disease can cause pain or sore around the skin lesions that can be triggered by touch or spontaneously. Anti pain medications that probably you can get among other paracetamol and pain relief medications are also more specific such as gabapentin or amitriptilin.

This specific pain drugs are drugs used in dealing with diseases of the nerves. Like gabapentin which is anti seizure medication and also the actual amitriptilin is one of the anti depression medication. Remember, before relapsing herpes, Varicella Zooster first dwells in our nerve fibers so that sometimes we need therapy in the form of nerve drugs. In addition we need to know also that the pain caused by a skin disease herpes this is a pain that is centered on our nervous system so that not only does it take sometimes catch fire with anti pain.

All the above treatment is a treatment that only you can get from a doctor. In addition to using the treatment from a doctor, as already discussed before you should still keep your body's endurance by consuming nutritious food and also sufficient rest so that the defense system of the body can fight off the infection of this virus. A few other tips can also be done at home to reduce complaints of skin disease herpes you.

These simple tips, among others, do not use clothes that are too tight so as to avoid friction between the surface of the shirt with the lesions that are on your skin. In addition, if the blisters rupture has occurred you can clear in a manner often compress areas of lesions with clean water and also with sterile gauze. If you feel an itching around the location of the lesion, you can sprinkle the powder like kaladin to reduce itching. Avoid scratching the lesion area and also use plaster to seal the blisters that had already broken out, because it is able to memperberat your complaint and increase irritation.

Travel Skin Disease Herpes
As we already know the previous herpes or smallpox this snake is a form of reactivation of the chicken pox disease experienced years earlier. Varicella Zooster it dwells in nerve fibers and may relapse, the mechanism is definitely why this virus type can be active again is not yet known. The physical condition of the body's defense system and declining in the elderly as well as the State of stress is thought to have a strong role in the recurrence of the disease.

After activated again, you will feel the symptoms in the form of fever, headaches and hot and cold or sore throughout the body and is followed by the appearance of skin lesions in the form of blisters with fluid circular pattern on one side of the chest or abdomen. But skin lesions can also arise on the face and if not treated properly then this can irritate the eye disorder You and eventually interfere with your vision.
Skin disease herpes are not treated properly can also cause abnormalities called neuralgia post herpetik. Post herpetik neuralgia is an abnormality where patients will complain of pain that occurs in a very long time could be months to years. The perceived pain is pain that comes from the sensitasi nerve on herpes lesions, with the former founders of pain varied such as the wind and also a touch.

In addition to complications were reported but may occur if treatment does not result adekuat, is an infection with the Varicella Zooster into the central nervous system namely the brain. Inflammation of the brain caused by infection of the virus will be more difficult to handle and all the time it can be life-threatening.

Herpes itself actually is not a dangerous disease that can be life-threatening, but it shall be sufficient to prevent handling complications later in life. Herpes is also actually can not be passed, but for those of you who have never been exposed to chicken pox as a child You need to avoid herpes sufferers because you could have contracted the disease and were exposed to chicken pox for the first time with the symptoms more weight. So the article on herpes medications and also travel ailment. May be useful for all of us!