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Pregnant 9 months of complaints that should not be Disepelekan

At the age of 9 months of pregnancy the mother would have an impatient look forward to welcoming the fruit of his heart, but still must be considered the complaint of a pregnant 9 months that often make pregnant women uncomfortable. At times this is usually pregnant mothers especially containing the first child, psychic will have problems. The issue of the form of psychic anxiety because it will face labor. This is something that is reasonable, but not excessive. Causes of excessive anxiety can cause stress and depression can interfere with the health of the mother and the fetus.

9 months of gestation, the fetus is certainly already formed perfect and ready to be born. But the growing swell of the fetus still continue to run before later really was born of the womb of mother earth. The baby's organs are already optimally grow and begin to customize their surroundings when born, among others with the development of skin and fine hair on the fetus. The lungs also had perfectly fluffy so ready to breathe the outside air. During this time, the amniotic water changes color into pale or white due to the murky since the vernix caseosa substances released by the fetus.

The weight of a baby at the age of 9 months of pregnancy is generally already reach weight ideal for being born, which is about 3 – 4 kg. But there are also weight baby weighs around 2.5 – 3 kg, but it is still considered normal. Although the fetus is already in a condition ready to be born, but in pregnant women still experience a variety of complaints. Pregnant 9 months of complaints that are often experienced among others as follows:

1. Foot swelling
Pregnant 9 months of complaints that it often happens that is swollen feet. This condition results from the belly of a pregnant woman dilate so that the load that must be sustained by the foot is getting heavy. In addition to the blood circulation plus pregnant women less smoothly due to the process of pregnancy. Swelling in the feet can grow worse if the expectant mother is too old or rarely move.

2. Shortness of breath
Pregnant women can also experience a complaints pregnant 9 months in the form of shortness of breath. Shortness of breath occurs due to the weight of the fetus that urged the larger diaphragm that can cause shortness of breath. Coupled with the increasing severity of the body of the pregnant woman as well as an increasingly large breast size because it is full of BREAST MILK can also make expectant mothers feel his chest increasingly congested. Shortness of breath in pregnant women, this is a normal thing and certainly different from shortness of breath because of heart disease or asthma. If pregnant women have a history of shortness of breath due to a disease then we recommend that you consult a doctor, especially in preparation for labor.

3. Abdominal Cramps
At the age of 9 months of pregnancy is usually pregnant mothers experiencing lower abdominal cramps or named with the term braxton hicks (false contractions). This condition is the natural response of the womb which usually occur due to changes in fetal position. Complaints are usually a perceived sense of heartburn that comes is gone. To resolve it, the mother can change the position of the body or with a bit of a walk.

4. Frequent urination
The size of the uterus will dilate the increasingly urgent bladder so that it may give rise to complaints are pregnant 9 months in the form of frequent urination. This dkarenakan the position of the bladder that is located in front of the uterus. Coupled with the presence of fetal movement then at any time the bladder will become increasingly depressed and raises a sense want to pee.

5. Nausea
The complaint the next 9 months pregnant that is nausea. Nausea is indeed most often occur in the first trimester and usually decreases in the second trimester. But at the age of 9 months pregnancy nausea may reappear due to the fetus that is increasingly urgent enlarged bowel and diaphragm so that it may cause nausea or want to throw up.

6. Insomnia
Belly of pregnant women are increasingly making the enlarged pregnant awry in regulating its position especially when sleeping. This condition affects sleep patterns of pregnant women. Coupled with anxiety of pregnant women in preparation for childbirth (often referred to as the moodswing) can also cause stress which resulted in insomnia.

7. Lumbago
Lumbago is also a pregnant 9 months of complaints that often occur. Lumbago because mother's increasingly severe stomach coupled with a mother who is getting enlarged so that the waist mom feels like pain and pulled ahead. Pain that is felt not only in the waist but can happen in the back and beyond.

8. The fetus moves less active
Generally very active fetus moving in the second trimester, while at the age of 9 months of pregnancy usually occurs a decrease in fetal movement. This happens because the increasingly narrow uterine space thus limiting the movement of the fetus. What more if the mother's weight gain very significant then the pile of fat can also cause fetal movement less felt. But to make sure that Your fetus is in good condition, we recommend that you check it periodically to the obstetrician. ULTRASOUND can be monitored through a fetal heart rate as well as the stage of fetal development, so that if there is a problem can soon be overcome.

In addition to understanding the complaint was pregnant 9 months as has been explained above, at the age of 9 months of pregnancy should also pay attention to the pattern of nutrients. Fill the nutrients essential for pregnant women and the fetus, such as iron, protein, and vitamins that are widely found in vegetables and fruit. We recommend that you reduce the salt-salty foods and drink coffee because it can raise blood pressure. Expand the consumption of white water to prevent dehydration and body metabolism. Pregnant women should avoid lifting weights that are too heavy because it can put pressure on the placenta. Avoid also the body position is often bent because it will cause lower back pain or sore getting worse, try to position the Agency always upright. In addition avoid standing position for too long, as it can worsen swelling in the feet.

Gestational age 9 months, we recommend pregnant women diligently exercising. Sports bulanlah sports certainly done, but gentle exercise that can make it always in shape, relieve stress, and preparing physical labor. A suitable sports namely by doing gymnastics pregnant and walk out of the House while inhaling the fresh air. Pregnant women should also perform relaxation to create peace of mind labor, among other with a meditation, though respiration, aroma therapy, or listen to the rhythm of the music to reconcile. Keep doing periodic checks to the obstetrician or midwife. Pregnant women must be vigilant in case of bleeding, pain or abdominal cramping, leakage or rupture of the amniotic water early, and various other unwanted distractions that can occur unexpectedly on pregnant women and fetus.