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How to know the Pregnancy with simple method

How to know the pregnancy was to be understood by every woman. Because pregnancy experienced by a woman is a gift given by God to him. To find out about the pregnancy, in fact there are various ways that can be done, even without using the test pack though. You can check the condition of the body whether pregnant or not with a simple method that will be reviewed on this occasion.

How To Know The Pregnancy Without Using The Test Pack
As we know, the test pack has indeed become one of the tools to make sure whether you are pregnant or not. But for most women, buying a test pack is rated too troublesome because basically signs of pregnancy can also be felt. To that end, here are some ways to know the pregnancy without using the test pack:

See the foam in Urine
The first way that you can do yourself at home is to look at the color of urine. You simply collect a urine or urine into a clear container or bottle. After that, leave on for 4 to 5 hours. Watch carefully the urine. When the clear-coloured and come up an awful lot of white foam on the top surface of the urine, then most likely you are pregnant. This test assessed fairly accurate.

Feel the signs of Pregnancy in General
Talking about the pregnancy, of course every woman will feel the signs of pregnancy such as late puberty, experiencing morning sickness or nausea, more sensitive to scents around, to an increase in weight. When you experience it, then it is certain that you are in the condition of pregnancy.

Method Of Testing Toothpaste
Some of you may still not so familiar with how a pregnancy knowing this one. Whereas in this way can also ascertain whether you are pregnant or not. The trick, take a few drops of urine or urine and place it in a container. After that, pour the toothpaste to taste into the container. Leave on for 30 minutes and see the result. When toothpaste turned into more frothy or blue positive, then you are pregnant.

The Sugar Test
Other natural methods that can be done is to test sugar. The trick is quite simple. You only need to collect urine in a container. After that, mix 3 tablespoons of sugar in it. Leave it on for approximately 1-2 hours. When the sugar is insoluble in urine, then it is likely you are pregnant.

Testing with Dandelion Flowers
Do you know the flowers of dandelion? The flowers on this one very easily found mainly in the area of rice fields. Uniquely, the dandelion flowers can also be used as a tool to test for pregnancy. The trick, take some to the dandelion. Afterwards, soak the dandelions in the urine which had been collected in a container. Wait for a few minutes. When later changing colors on the flower, which was originally white to red, then it becomes a positive indication that you are pregnant.

Testing with Vinegar and Tuna
How to know the next pregnancy with vinegar and meat of tuna fish. How do you do? First, collect urine water in a bowl or other container. Second, take the meat to taste and mashed tuna until smooth.

The third step, combine tuna fish meat as well as collision liquid vinegar. But make sure the number of collisions and tuna have the same amount of vinegar. Wait for 20 minutes. If all of the mixture changes color to green, then mark Your positive pregnant. Whereas in its color changed to yellow or orange stick, then the result is negative.

That's some way of knowing the pregnancy with methods that are very easy to do, even in the House though. Although the result of the method above is quite accurate, but it would be nice if you continue to consult to my doctor to get a more precise diagnosis.

Step know the Pregnancy with Physical Signs Noticed
If the steps above is a step in testing pregnancy with mixed results seeing some food with urine, then other ways that can be done to know pregnancy is noted physical condition you feel. Most pregnant women will experience some changes in physical conditions such as:

Pain in the chest
Every woman must have been very familiar with the advent of the pain in the chest especially when menstruation. It's just the pain that appears will not be compared with the pain when you are pregnant.

When a woman is pregnant, the chest will be very painful, burning, tingling, even bloated. This is the physical changes that occur over the week after a pregnancy occurs. Even for most women, the pain is getting worse along with the gestational age. But don't worry because when the body is familiar, then slowly fade in the chest pain will disappear by itself.

The Occurrence Of Darkening Areola
Next is the physical changes occur at the darkening areola. When you are pregnant, then the color will be dark areola fade even experienced a widening. These changes usually occur in the first and second week of pregnancy.

The Intensity Increased Urination
The next change is the intensity of urination will increase. The increasing intensity of urination occurs because the body produces certain hormones that triggers the body to respond to it with pee.

The longer the age of content goes, then you will more often feel the urge to urinate. Because a fetus in the womb of an increasingly enlarged will put pressure on the bladder. Even when the fetus is already entering the age of 7 months, the intensity of urination will increase because the fetus was able to produce its own urine expelled through urine tract.

Often Experiencing Fatigue
Further changes that you will be very prone to fatigue. In these conditions, energy seems depleted drastically. This is because the body is being adapted by the presence of a fetus in the womb. In other words, there is a balancing process between two bodies, namely, the fetus and the mother.

An Increase In Body Temperature
How to know the pregnancy of the changes on the body is an increase in temperature at regular intervals. Measurement of the body temperature usually is done with a special thermometer that can measure basal body temperature. In General, a woman who is pregnant will experience an increase in basal body temperature by as much as 0.5 degrees Celsius. Body temperature also will continue to survive until the next time you give birth.

That's some way of knowing the pregnancy you can do, either by simple testing methods as well as see the condition of the physical changes you are experiencing. It's just that, when you feel the pregnancy, then it is highly recommended to checked the health condition to doctors. This aims to enable you to take appropriate steps in maintaining the health of themselves and also of the fetus that is being conceived. May be useful.