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Get to know a wide variety of medicinal plants and Improved

Traditional medicinal plants have benefits that are not less potent with modern medicine, therefore we need to know a variety of medicinal plants and improved health. Our country is a country very rich in natural resources, including plant wealth cure. Medicinal plants are all the types of plants that can be utilized for both drugs as medicine outside as well as inside. Medicinal plants in Indonesia mostly already known from the time of the ancestor and passed down orally pleased. With the development of science and technology currently many kinds of medicinal plants that were researched back and processed into products.

To get the actual traditional medicinal plants is not difficult. Because in general the traditional medicinal plants used for many daily needs such as cooking, seasoning for a refreshing drink, or even consumed as vegetables or vegetables. Of course this medicinal plant can be obtained easily in traditional markets or in various plants and herbs store. You can plant and produced their own in house or yard known as pharmacies alive. If you have your own medicinal plants at home, surely this will give health benefits to your family and can even be an additional economy if it can develop it in the form of business.

A wide variety of medicinal plants and Which are important for you to know
The advantages of traditional medicinal plants in comparison with modern medicine that drug consumption is sourced from traditional plants generally do not cause side-effects, more natural, less expensive, and more to provide benefits that are good for health in the long run. Some examples of medicinal plants and drank to the health of which is easily found in Indonesia, among others, as follows:

Kaempferia galanga
Galingale is a plant type of Rhizome that is often used as an ingredient of herbal medicine maker. Kaempferia galanga contains a variety of compounds that are very useful to improve the durability of the body and cure various ailments. The content of the galingale, among others, essential oil, ethyl acid, methyl aster kanil, sineol, cinnamic acid, pentadekaan acid, sinamic, paraeumarin, kamphene, borneol, anisic acid, alkaloids, gom, starch, and minerals. The benefits of galingale, among others, can cure influenza, stomach inflammation, cough, sore throat, sore/tired sprains, rheumatic pain, and coming months.

You surely are familiar with ginger that has been very well known as a medicinal plant and is pleased that surely no need to doubt. Ginger is very tasty drinks are consumed because of its refreshing aroma and a throat that is fragrant. Ginger oleoresin that contains compounds are antioxidants so it can ward off free radicals. Efficacy of ginger among others can reduce fat, cholesterol or evil immune boosting, cure cold, cough, flu, sore throat, headache, and the hangover of the vehicle.

Temulawak is a medicinal plant that thrives in lowlands that include type of plant the rhizome of the ginger plant with one family. Temulawak is also often used as a traditional herbal medicine maker. Temulawak known to have natural antibiotic substances content so it can be used to treat a variety of ailments. Efficacy of temulawak among others can cure liver disease, gastritis, diarrhea, flatulence, weariness, and to increase stamina and endurance of the body.

Cat's whiskers
For those who don't know, these plants may be allowed to grow wild in the yard of the House or around the drains. Whereas plants whiskers cat has very important benefits to health and there have been many modern products processed in a variety of drugs. Benefits the main cat whiskers as pulverizing kidney stones and urinary water. Other benefits include, among others, i.e. can cure diabetes, albuminuria, syphilis, rheumatism, constipation, and cold.

Types of medicinal plants and improved next powerful garlic. This plant is commonly known as everyday ingredients. It turns out that garlic has compounds phytochemicals that can kill bacteria and viruses cause disease. The benefits of garlic, among others, can cure the flu, strep throat, hypertension, lower cholesterol, maintaining heart health, and lower the risk of developing cancer.

This plant is notable indeed bitter but certainly has its benefits. This plant actually comes from India and Sri Lanka, but already since antiquity is flourishing in Indonesia. The main compounds containing Sambiloto andrographolide. These compounds are very useful to protect the liver from inflammation and may kill cancer cells.

Vile beling
Vile beling plant is a medicinal plant that grows wild which often also unconscious will efficacy ampuhnya. Javanese people often call this plant by the name of honeycomb geteh, while the Sundanese people often call it by the name remek meat. This plant contains a variety of compounds, among others, sialic acid, glycosides, tannins, calcium, potassium, sodium, and various other important minerals. Efficacy of plant vile beling, among others, i.e. can cure disease dysentery, diarrhea, kidney stones, itching, liver, diabetes, ulcers, and hemorrhoids.

The leaves of the gods
The leaves of the gods is a plant shrubs that can grow well in lowland or Highland. The leaves of the gods including types of medicinal plants and improved the major IE as anticoagulants or accelerate blood clotting. Substances that contained within the leaves of the gods, among others, namely flavanoid, saponins, essential oils, and tannins. Efficacy of leaves among other gods to stop bleeding, purging toxins, lower the heat, cope with seizures, relieve swelling, vomiting blood, treat and overcome the tumor.

In addition to medicinal plants and which have been mentioned above certainly many more other types of plants that have medicinal properties. Medicinal plants include turmeric, galangal, ginger, Earth pegs, beluntas, tempuyung, ciplukan, meniran, noni, celery, Aloe Vera, distance, star fruit wuluh, Caulis, clove, lime, reeds, roots, leaves, fennel scented pegagan, fruit Pomegranate, andong, leaves flower knob, cempaka putih, loranthus, seed leaf mahogany, mangosteen rind, cumin, basil leaves, and so on. With a wealth of natural Indonesia which has diverse medicinal plants that are already appropriately if we can use it for your health.

Currently research is being developed by the Government in order to encourage the utilization of medicinal plants and be pleased to treat various diseases. Medicinal plants in addition to be able to treat a variety of diseases, some of which can be effective for increasing immunity or durability of the body and improve stamina. With the benefits that this double course of medicinal plants is expected not only for treatment but also maintaining the body's health to primed and not easily hurt. Things need to be examined further to determine how the way of presentation and proper dosage of each type medicinal plants in a variety of situations and diseases through a variety of research or advanced study. With a wide range of studies on traditional medicinal plants is later expected to be alternative solutions in order to increase the degree of public health Indonesia with more affordable cost for all walks of life.