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BREAST MILK, the only heat in the proper Remedy for babies

It turns out the heat in can not only experienced by adult lho! Any baby can experience a variety of symptoms in the heat and will make it fussy. As does occur in adults, the main factors cause the onset of heat in infants is a lack of oral hygiene and good nutrition the mother or the baby is eating.

The following will explain some of the symptoms of the baby signs experience heartburn, ASI as a medicine in the best and hot tips healthy baby MPASI awarding for digestion. Happy reading!

Know the symptoms of heat in the Signs in infants
Heat in infants is pretty easy to be known and understood. The term heat in hot conditions when there arises from the body of the baby which then manifested by the appearance of mouth ulcers, flatulence, diarrhea or constipation as well as various problems in the baby's digestive tract. There is no medical term for heat in the symptoms that occur in infants.

The channel is where the entry of a variety of cerna foreign substance into the body. So keep your digestive health is one of the keys to preventing the onset of various diseases. The digestive tract is the most important organ should be kept if you do not wish the occurrence of heat in your baby.

You need to know also that the health of the digestive tract is also influenced by the content of microorganisms in the gastrointestinal tract. In infants who consumed BREAST MILK exclusively, pencernaannya channel will be dominated by good bacteria called Lactobacillus and Bifidobakteria.

Different case with infants given formula milk. In the digestive tract of infants who were given formula milk will have more bacterial pathogen (disease-causing) such as e. colli, Clostridium or Staphylococcus. An imbalance of bacteria in the ducts of the baby is also one of the founders of the occurrence of heat in.

The following explanation of the details of some sign of heat in on baby, based on the anatomy of the digestive tract: baby

The baby's mouth and throat area
In infants who experience heat in, on the area of the lips and mouth will seem broken lips and mouth ulcers – broke. In addition it would seem also the white patches on the tongue of the baby. Thrush is also known by the medical term stomatitis. Can occur in the area of the inside of the mouth, including the tongue, gums, throat even sky ceiling. The baby will cry and often cranky because of pain and discomfort due to canker sores.

In addition to the canker sores and chapped lips chapped, not infrequently bad breath can occur in infants who experience heat in. This happens because the baby's stomach acid content increased. Coughing can also occur in infants who experience heat in.

This can be caused because the baby is dehydrated or less liquid, as well as an indication if himself allergic to infant formula that you provide. Or can occur when not given BREAST MILK or infant formula fits his needs. If this is sustained, the child can fall on weakness and malnutrition conditions that can be life threatening.

The stomach and Anus Babies
Infants who experience heat in may experience bloating. Her belly rigid and cried continuously. Besides digestive disorders like diarrhea or constipation may occur.

Heat in infants can occur due to various reasons. One less baby suckle at mother's, or getting a wrong formula intake causing allergies in infants. In addition, some infectious diseases also will show symptoms similar to the heat in. So, as a good parent you should more thoroughly and carefully against any conditions or changes experienced by your baby.
BREAST MILK As the best cure for heat in Infants
The baby is still under 6 months, does not need another food intake in addition to breast milk. ASI is a blessing from God given to you and your baby. It is very important to keep the number of permanent lot of BREAST MILK production and smoothly to your baby's needs when subjected to heat.

In 100 ml BREAST MILK there are deposits of 4.2 grams of fat, 15 mg sodium, 7.0 grams carbohydrates, 1.3 grams of protein and various vitamins and minerals are very good for the growth of the baby. When compared to cow's milk, BREAST MILK has the nutrient content and nutrients better than cow's milk.

Protein content of BREAST MILK is indeed less, but this little protein is a healthy protein and prevent the occurrence of overweight babies. Protein called whey contained more than casein. Types of proteins is also more easily absorbed by the baby's digestion. Lowering the risk of the occurrence of heartburn in babies.

About the fat content in breast milk, instead of the nasty fat contained in breast milk. -Unsaturated fats in breast milk, have benefits not only for the health of the digestive tract. But it also supports the growth of the infant's brain, making it a smart, clever child and free of all diseases including heat in.

Cow's milk or infant formulas also contain less vitamin C, D and A are compared with breast milk. Even though the heat in due to the lack of intake of various vitamins and minerals in this type of food intake of infants.

Carbohydrate content in breast milk berjeni oligosakarida. Stimulate the development of good bacteria in the digestive tract. It is this content which will also cause the absorption of nutrients and water in the colon the baby get better. The symptoms of heat in such as diarrhea or constipation will rarely occur in infants who consume BREAST MILK exclusively. The various symptoms of heat within will be reluctant to drop by if you give BREAST MILK in your baby.

MPASI accordingly to cope with the heat in on Baby
If your baby has entered over the age of 6 months, then breast feeding alone will not be enough to overcome the symptoms of heat it. The granting of the right and true MPASI will support the healing process the channel pencernaannya. The following tips in making the MPASI sesusai to cope with the heat in in your baby:

High Calorie High Protein (TKTP)
For infants who are experiencing symptoms of pain in the heat, it will need an additional intake of calories and proteins for healing processes. Provide various types of carbohydrates as well as foods high protein content.

Avoid giving of bread and corn because that is too high in fiber content contained at breads and corn. For a source of animal protein, poultry is more advisable than beef. As for the vegetable protein source, you can give a child who experienced the heat in the form of tofu or tempeh.

Low Fat Low Fiber
Children who experience heat in usually will undergo gastrointestinal disorders which will then be difficult for fiber and fat absorption by his bowels. Provide food that is low in fat and low in fiber with more cooking process using steamed, boiled and blend gently.

Another principle in making a baby with heat in the MPASI is by adding the type of foods that contain lots of fluids. Like fresh fruit juices and coconut water. Avoid the first feeding of too much use of spices in order not to make children's nausea and vomiting.

Keeping food safe and hygienic during the making of the food also became the principle in presenting MPASI as handling and medications for infants who experience heat in.

The case has presented information about the heat in infants, with a variety of symptoms, signs, the benefits of BREAST MILK and the making of the right as MPASI treatment and medication for the heat in the baby. Hope this article is helpful and good luck!