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Benefits of Running in the Afternoon for a healthy body and soul

The benefits have been many afternoons run delivered by health experts. This is certainly not without reason. In principle, exercise is medicine. The words are not a figment of the thumb. There are so many scientific research results prove that exercise done regularly (150 minutes per week, which can be broken down into 5 sessions per week, each for 30 minutes), and in particular the sport of running, have benefits for remote health compared to any vitamin supplement that can be offered by your physician.

A variety of research conducted by experts shows that there are many benefits to health, afternoon run of which is to prevent obesity, prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes mellitus, lowering blood pressure, and reduce risk someone affected by heart disease, stroke, or cancer.

Furthermore, health experts also found a very interesting fact that sports a run can drastically improve the quality of Your emotional and mental, and even help you to have a longer age. This is certainly very interesting and will be unpeeled one by one through the following explanation.

Benefits of Running in the Afternoon for More healthy and fit Body
Sports run can be done anytime, anywhere, and almost do not need too many ancillary equipment. Unless you want to be more optimal in doing this exercise, of course you will need a minimum of a pair of running shoes that are comfortable. It doesn't have to be expensive, which is important in accordance with the size of your feet, comfortable, and able to protect from injury.

Sports run can be done in the morning, afternoon, night even today. Many people prefer to do it in the afternoon. In addition because the Sun is not so intense, afternoon is the time people have been freed from the obligation to work to do on that day. The afternoon run was a very good way to improve your overall physical condition. What are the benefits of running an afternoon for your body? Check out some of the points below.

Help lose weight
No denying that one of the reasons someone decides go down to the field is to reduce one or two pounds of body weight. When you swing your hands and feet to run, your body will burn calories. The good news is, this also turns out calorie burning takes place after you are done running, it is called the "afterburn" (the amount of calories that are burned after exercise). To get it, you don't need to run with maximum speed, quite a bit faster than your regular run rate.

The benefits of running an afternoon if you do it on a regular basis is the increasing rate of "afterburn". When the body is burning calories in, especially if coupled with the restriction, caloric intake will help lose weight and keep the weight in order to remain consistent.

Strengthen your bones and joints
The second afternoon run benefits is to help strengthen bones and joints, not only of the bone and knee joints, but also in some other parts of the body. You've probably heard the myth circulating among relatives or friends that says "run it's not good for the knees". Scientific research proves that it is not true.

A researcher from Boston University named David Felson, in an interview on national radio, said that the afternoon run was very good for the health of your knees. Sports running can increase bone mass, and help regenerate bone cells die due to aging. Felson revealed that based on studies conducted in a long period of time, not the destructive effects of the existence of a found a run against the bones and joints of the knee.

Felson, as quoted from the interview sessions says, "when we observe people with arthritis of the knee, we found no previous race sports history. On the other hand, when we observe those who do run sports regularly, then follow them to see the progression of the disease, we found no risk of joint inflammation as we expected ". Even after running a person feels pain in the muscles, bones or the join, it is likely that because injuries due to a wrong way run.
Good for brain cells
Many people have complained that their age senility as grew (are you one of them?). The benefits of running an afternoon when done on a regular basis is to help lower the risk. A study published in Psychonomic Bulletin & Review in December 2012 reveals that the sporting activity of the body that is carried out on a regular basis can help combat abilities of the brain that is associated with the aging process.

There are three kinds of abilities of the brain can be maintained its capacity through sports, namely task switching (ability of the brain to switch from one task to the next task), selective attention (the ability of the brain to focus on one particular stimulus When some of the stimulus coming together) and working memory (short term memory to process the information and take a decision based on that information).

So, it's not surprising when there is someone who says that his mind feels more ' sharp ' once he routinely run in the afternoon. It is indeed true. With a run in the afternoon, his brain's ability to focus attention, concentration, and planning has increased.

Maintaining a healthy heart and lungs
The afternoon also run benefits many of us hear is to maintain the health of the heart and lungs, by way of lowering blood pressure, lowering blood sugar levels, increase the levels of good cholesterol (HDL) in the blood, as well as increasing the capacity of the lungs. The risk of someone who routinely run in the afternoon for exposed heart disease decreases to half that level, compared with people who did not do any sports activity.

With running, blood vessels throughout the body will become elastic, and the heart muscle will also become stronger. Run in the afternoon, although it is only done for fifteen minutes in a day and at a pace that is not so high (less than 10 kilometres per hour), can help lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels in the blood as well as lowering the risk of deaths from heart disease.

Prevent cancer
Afternoon run benefits for your health that is lowering the risk of someone getting cancer. In women, ran in the afternoon can prevent breast cancer. For people who have had cancer, running or brisk walking can also improve their quality of life in addition to the therapies that they do.

Other afternoon Run benefits?
Now You already know the benefits run of the afternoon to physical health. But as it has been presented at the start of this run, the sport brings benefits to all parts of our body, no exception for mental and emotional. The benefits of running sports this afternoon for our psychological, among others:

Lower your stress
Stress not only disturb your mood, but it can also cause the onset of a number of health problems such as decreased appetite or disruption of sleep patterns. When you regularly run in the afternoon, the body will release a number of hormones that can fight stress so that you will always have a good mood and positive thoughts.

Fix sleep disorders
When you routinely do run in the afternoon, you will experience for yourself that You be not easy sleepy during the day. Mind felt sharper so that the concentration of work You get better (which resulted in increasing the performance of your work). While in the evening, You can sleep more soundly.

Thus article that discusses about the benefits of running in the afternoon. The afternoon run during this often we consider lightly, it brings a myriad of benefits not only for the physical, but also mental. If there is a way that is easier and cheaper to maintain your overall health, why not? Good luck and feel its benefits!