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Avocado fruit and Special Content for pregnant women

It is absolutely right if you are a lover of avocado fruit. The fruit are rich in minerals, antioxidants, fiber and vitamin-rich severely good consumed when pregnant. Has the latin name Persea Americana. The fruit that comes from Mexico became one of the recommended fruit as healthy food for pregnant women.

The following will be presented information about the content in the fruit of the avocado and the good effects for pregnant women. Will be given some avocado fruit recipes that you can try to create your own easily, as well as information regarding allergies on the fruit of the avocado.

The content of the nutrients found in fruit of Avocado
Avocado fruit is a fruit that is very special. The results of the latest research and terpublish by the journal Nutrients mentioned that avocado is a fruit consumption is compulsory for mothers who are in conditions of pregnant. For the size of the 1/3 fruit or equivalent to 50 grams of ripe avocado fruit there are 80 calories and at least there are 20 types of vitamins and minerals that make the avocado as a nutrient dense fruits. The following 8 content of nutrients and minerals in 50 grams of fruit: avocado

Folate (45 mcg)
As many as 10% of folate present in the fruit of the avocado. Folic acid is indispensable during the growth and development of cells and tissues of the fetus. Enough folate consumption will prevent the occurrence of abnormalities in the brain and nerve growth of the fruit of your heart.

Fiber or fiber (3 g)
Fiber is necessary to prevent the occurrence of constipation or disorder constipation commonly occur in pregnant women. The consumption of fiber from fruit avocados can lower the risk of the occurrence of diseases of the heart and blood vessels, obesity and diabetes at the time of pregnancy.

Iron (0.3 mg)
Iron is an essential substance in the formation of hemoglobin and red blood cells that binds to oxygen in the blood as well as stream it toward the good of the body cells and tissues of the mother or fetus. Iron contained in the avocado fruit is also sorely needed in the growth, development, normal functioning of cells, hormone synthesis and repair of damaged tissues.

Various Types Of Vitamins
Vitamin C (4 mg), Vitamin E (1 mg) and Vitamin K (11 mcg) is a vitamin found in 50 grams of fruit of the avocado. In addition there are Vitamins B1, B2 and B6 are essential for fetal development and maternal health.

Potassium (250 mg)
Potassium in fruit of avocado has the function of moisture and salt balance in the body. Moreover, it can prevent the occurrence of high blood pressure during pregnancy.

Magnesium (14 mg)
Magnesium is an essential mineral that helps produce energy in cells as well as very important in the contraction and relaxation of muscles. Enough magnesium consumption will prevent the occurrence of premature contractions of the uterus that can occur during pregnancy and at risk to suicide of the content.

Manganese (1.4 mg)
Manganese is also an essential mineral that is required as a shaper of teeth and bone in fetuses, as well as to prevent osteoporosis or loss of calcium in the mother during pregnancy.

Lutein and Zeaxanthin (mcg 136)
Avocado fruit contains the highest levels of lutein and zeaxanthin among other fruits and vegetables. These minerals aid in the growth and repair of cells on the eye. As well as on the fetus can prevent the onset of cataracts and assist in the growth and development of skin tissue.

Avocado Fruit Recipe Variations
Avocado fruit flesh has the hallmark of a tender and sweet, so without adding flavorings like sugar, fruit is still sweet and scrumptious to eaten directly. In addition very suitable avocado fruit fresh fruit juice mixed with sweetened condensed milk or honey. However, if you are bored with the variation of the avocado fruit is granted, the following will be given examples of recipe variations of avocado fruits that you can try process:

Salad of fruits and vegetables
Avocado fruit is very suitable to be used as a salad along with a mixture of grapes, spinach leaves and pieces of garlic. Use sauce mayonnaise or olive oil for added flavor and his nutritional content.

Mashed Avocados
In addition to fruit salad, avocado can be served using mashed or crushed. What you can do is mashing avocado fruit until smooth, add little pieces of garlic and lemon juice and then mix with cereal.

Avocado Chocolate Pudding
For 3 servings of delicious avocado chocolate pudding, ripe avocado fruit one prepared and one medium-size ripe bananas. Add to 6 grains of fruit of the date palm, blender with ¼ cups almond milk or soy bean milk, Add vanilla essens as much as one teaspoon. If all the ingredients are already mixed with an add 50 grams of chocolate powder, ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon and a pinch of salt. Pour in glasses, and chill in the refrigerator for 1 hour before eating.

Es Teler Broth With Avocado
Prepare the avocado fruit is one that has been pounded, mixed with molten sugar and sweetened condensed milk in a bowl or pan. When it is mixed with an add water to taste. Enter additional fruits like strawberry, mango or jackfruit in broth with avocado. Incipi and correction of flavor in milk or less sweetness. Serve chilled with ice cubes.

Avocado fruit has a thick skin, so this fruit include safe from the influence of excessive pesticide. But you still need to wash the avocado fruit leather to clean before processing it into a healthy diet.

Alert If There Is Sign Of Allergic To Avocado Fruit
Some people have the signs and symptoms of allergic to certain fruits including avocado fruit. Allergic reactions caused by fruit avocados can be either mild reactions to reactions that endanger and leads to death. The signs and symptoms you have an allergy to this fruit include:

Oral Allergy Symptoms
Oral allergy symptoms shown as on areas of the face, lips and throat. Can happen to sneezing, itchy eyes and runny, itching in the mouth and throat, even local swelling can occur in the area of the lips, the tongue up to the throat. This symptom may occur shortly after the consumption of avocado fruit or your various food products containing avocado fruit as a composition.

Symptoms Of Skin Allergy
If you have an allergy to latex or material made of rubber, then you must be alert, because most who experience allergies latex allergy symptoms will show also after consumption of avocado fruit. Symptoms that may occur include itching and redness on the skin, coughing and sneezing, nausea to vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty swallowing even until the swelling in the airway that is very dangerous and the risk of death.

Not uncommon to some people not knowing when he turned out to be allergic to avocado fruit. If you are pregnant and positive allergy on the fruit of the avocado, it is very important to avoid consumption of avocado fruit or food products containing avocado fruit as a composition. Make haste towards the nearest health services to get the handling right for your allergy symptoms.

Such information about the content of nutrients in fruit processing and recipes avocado, a little knowledge on the dangers of allergic to avocado. May be useful and happy coding with avocado fruit!