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9 ways a healthy lifestyle you can do easily

You would certainly want the body always healthy, therefore apply a healthy way of life will be discussed in the following article. Healthy does not have to be expensive, but rather if pain must surely require an expensive fee. Therefore keep yourself healthy in order not to always ease the pain. However preventing is better than cure. Yet many people ignore this, they realized the importance of health after lying ill. When in fact many things are actually very simple and easy to do to maintain our health.

If we compare the health condition of antiquity with today is precisely when these people get sick more easily at a young age. Take a look at older people who mainly live in the countryside, that they are mostly still fresh fit in the age which had been dusk. The shift toward modern lifestyle turned out to be much impact for health. Indeed on the one hand medical equipment and drugs are increasingly sophisticated but on one side of the community many are stuck in an unhealthy life pattern. So it is not surprising if hospitals in Indonesia currently never deserted from the patient, even numbers are often overloaded.

How to live a healthy life with 9 simple steps
To be able to live a healthy life is actually easy and simple, but certainly not produced instant way. A healthy life is born of culture or habits that we do everyday. So the pattern of healthy living is not only applied in 1 or 2 days but must be cultivated as an inseparable part of our lives. The following are 9 ways a healthy lifestyle you can do easily:

1. Eat well balanced with nutrition

Healthy way of life is the first one that is consuming food with balanced nutrition. The food we eat everyday should be sufficient nutrients required by the body. The nutritional substances, among others, namely carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water. JadiAnda obliged to know the nutritional content of various foods. Knowledge of the contents of nutrients in the food you can learn it easily through the books or the internet. Make a varied food menu so that the family would be sure of nutritional intake.

If someone is malnourished, it will be very prone to suffer a disease and may experience impaired growth or brain development. But the nutrients are consumed in excess is also not good for health. For example, the consumption of carbohydrates and excessive fat can lead to obesity or obesity. So to provide nutrients to the body in a proportionate amount. Avoid excessive eating, eat sparingly and stop eating before fullness.

2. always keep clean themselves and the environment

Maybe keep clean themselves and the environment is a trivial thing, but this is one of the healthy way of life is a very powerful tool to ward off various attacks of the disease. If a member of the body and our environment is dirty, then it is easy to trigger a variety of disease germs to breed. Therefore always keep proper hygiene yourself among others with a bath twice a day regularly, always wash your hands before meal or after a bath, brushing my teeth regularly, cutting the nails, and so on.

While keeping the environment clean can you do, among others, by sweeping and organize the House always clean, dump out of place, bowel movements and lower into place (toilets), use clean water as appropriate with the terms of for the purposes of health, hygiene of food/drinks and tableware, managing waste properly, and so on.

3. Perform the physical activities and exercise regularly

Today's modern era resulted in a society preoccupied with his work so often didn't get to perform physical or sports activities. The life of the all-round practical due to its many facilities, make people become lazy to walk or just moving her body, even more for taking the time to exercise. Whereas the members of the body that is rarely driven will trigger the onset of various diseases. Therefore, take your time to do physical activity or sport in order to smooth blood circulation, muscle weight trained, maintained, and always in shape.

4. reduce fat and cholesterol

Healthy way of life that's important you do that is by reducing dietary fat and cholesterol. As we know that the levels of fat and cholesterol in the body that can trigger excessive incidence of various kinds of dangerous such as heart disease, stroke, hypertension, and diabetes mellitus. Fat deposits can lead to someone experiencing overweight or obese. While the bad cholesterol can lead to occurrence of plaque which resulted in obstacles or blockages in blood vessels.

5. Many consume fruits, vegetables, and white water

So that you are always healthy then the perbanyaklah consume fruits, vegetables, and white water. In today's modern times people tend to like foods that are instantaneous and generally contain lots of fat and a little fiber. So people forget to consume vegetables and fruit. When in vegetable and fruit is rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre and anti-oxidants which can protect the body against disease. Meanwhile many consume white water can be beneficial to launch metabolismi, prevents dehydration, and provide optimal nutrients to the body's cells to the smallest.

6. avoid food/drinks unhealthy

Healthy way of life the next IE by avoiding the food/drinks are not healthy. Food/drinks are not that healthy, among others, namely food/beverages that contain preservatives, dyes and artificial sweeteners, flavor enhancer (MSG), contain a lot of fat and sugar, and too high in caffeine. In addition to avoid food/drinks are not cooked perfectly and did not meet health standards (unhygienic).

7. avoid unhealthy habits

You should also pay attention to lifestyle or everyday habits that also determine the status of your health. We recommend that you avoid the lifestyle habits can bring the disease on yourself, the habit of, among others, namely smoking, drinking too much alcohol, sleeping or lounging, and often stayed up late.

8. Adequate rest

Adequate rest is also a healthy way of life that should not be You forget. After you've struggled with routine daily activities, don't forget to rest. You have to remember that our body also needs a break, do not constantly forced to work hard because it will cause impaired body function and eventually trigger the onset of various diseases. At night, the try you can sleep soundly with the duration of sleep 7-8 hours a day.

9. Think positive and stay away from stress

In addition to maintaining physical health, you should also pay attention to his health or spiritual. Things you can do, among others, by always thinking positive and create a calm mind to avoid stress. In addition, pausing time for refreshing or release the tired from the busy everyday such as by way of walking, going to a place of entertainment or leisure. Don't forget also to provide nutrients in our spiritual by always closer to God or religion and beliefs appropriate beribadan each.

So the 9 ways a healthy lifestyle you can do easily. By applying the pattern of living a healthy life will certainly more qualified and always raises the spirit within you. You should also have knowledge of a wide range of diseases that can be learned from a variety of media such as books, magazines, newspapers, the internet, as well as from direct experience of the people around you. This is intended so that you can detect early symptoms of a disease so that it can realize and checked into the health facilities without any delay in handling. Don't be shy to always mengkonsulktasikan your health to doctors or health practitioners to obtain a clear and complete information about health.