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9 heart function on an important and complex Human

The liver is one of the important organs in the human body even though most people do not know clearly the function of the liver in humans. This is because the liver is located on the inside of the abdominal cavity to the right and right at the bottom of the diaphragm.

As one of the vital organs of sufficient human, of course the liver needed to do help the circulation in the body. Even when a man suffered severe damage to part of the heart, then it can be said that he will not be able to survive much longer. Why? Because up to now there has been no tools or other organs that can replace the function and position of the liver in the human body system. Although currently in line with the development of technology, has found step liver transplant to help people who suffered liver damage. Then what are the functions of the liver in humans?

Know some of the functions of the liver in humans Following
As described above that the liver is an organ that is very vital. At least there are more than 500 million cells in the heart to help the survival of mankind. The following are some of the functions of the liver in the body which makes the heart as the most important organ. Among them are the following:

The Detoxification Process
Liver function in humans who may already know is in the process of detoxifying or neutralizing toxins that enter the body. Poison is poison is some light either bacteria or viruses that are consumed through our daily food and drinks. So no semerta-careful not to eliminate all toxins in the body, it's just the toxins minimised their impacts for health.

Therefore, you must also select the type of food that is healthy for the sake of reducing the impact of poisoning from unhygienic food and contain harmful ingredients. When you are too often not hygienic food consumption, then the liver will work harder.

Save the sugar levels in the blood
The function of the human heart that is to keep the sugar levels in the blood of humans. Blood sugar levels or commonly called glycogen is a backup energy source that serves so that humans can move active and not easy to get tired in the running of daily activity. A deficiency of glycogen will cause the body quickly tired, sleepy, easy and limp.

As storage of glycogen, liver organ will perform filtering against the content in the food and beverages you consume. After that, most of the supply of blood sugar will be distributed in your body during running activities. As for the blood sugar levels that are still left to be saved so that at any time can be reused for other activities.

For information, blood sugar levels that are required by the body should fit, should not be more or even less. Excess sugar levels will make the body developing blood sugar. With blood sugar storage system, then the liver will ensure that the intake of sugar levels in the body are really pretty.

The Secretion Of Birubilin
The function of birubilin is to give color to the urine and feces are expelled through the drain. The color will appear which can be used as a benchmark of whether your body is having a healthy or sick.

For normal stool color is bright yellow or dark yellow. So is the color of urine. It's just that when the color of urine is too murky, then it can be an indication that the heart experience a work process that is heavier than usual. Increasingly clear urine color, then the number of the poison that is in the body of the less. So did the opposite.

This is because in the process of birubilin, the heart will break down all the compounds on red blood cells which is jeopardizing both contain toxins or bacteria that cannot fit into the body. After that, the result of the breakdown of the compound will be issued via the feces and urine.

Storage of minerals and vitamins
As with liver function in humans in the form of storage of blood sugar levels, liver will also keep all the excess of vitamins or minerals in the body. So when in a when the intake of minerals and vitamins in the body is not sufficient, then the liver will release all the content of vitamins and minerals for the sake of the needs of the body. As for how many types of vitamins are stored in the liver are vitamins A, D, E, K, and B12.

Help The Formation Of Red Blood Cells
You certainly know that much needed red blood cells for the body every day. Red blood cell content that is too low will cause body limp. Because in the red blood cells there are various content useful to the body such as vitamins, minerals, blood sugar levels, and so on.

For information, the number of red blood cells in the body will be destroyed in a matter of months and must be updated again. This is where the human liver function to work. This is because the liver would help the process of formation of new red blood cells for the body.

System Antibodies
If in the above described reviews that serve as the antidote to the poison, then the function of the human heart on the other is forming antibodies are useful as a defense system against all kinds of body form of the disease that strikes. As we know, the body itself already have antibodies in the white blood cells. However this has not been sufficient to combat all harmful substances and diseases. To this end, it takes a heart for the sake of doing protection body.

In addition to the function to do the defense mechanism of the body against various diseases that are present in the blood, the liver cells will also give a very powerful immune substances and effectively kill all foreign substances in the form of existing toxins in the body.

Produces Plasma Proteins
Plasma protein is a type of protein that is needed by all living things. In the absence of this protein, then the body systems, ranging from indigestion to other systems will be disrupted. Thus, the liver will serve to produce a plasma protein that is obtained from the solution of important compounds from the food consumed.

Refining Process Of Erythrocytes
The process of erythrocytes is a process in which occurs the refinement of red blood cells in the body. In this process, it takes some of the substances essential for red blood cells can be run in accordance with his duties. One of the important substance is hermatin produced by the liver.

Produces Bile Fluid
Of the many functions of the liver in humans above, one of the most easily recognized functions of the liver is to produce liquid bile. Not only in humans, the liver organ on all living beings will produce liquid on this one.

On the human body, the liquid bile serves to break down fats found in foods. The result of the breakdown of fat will be converted into minerals, proteins, vitamins, blood sugar, and other important content to the body. As for the color of bile in humans is dark green.

How to take care of the liver in humans
You already know some of the functions of the liver in humans like the reviews above.  In essence, the liver has a very vital role against the immune system, the body's metabolic system, and digestion in humans. For that reason, it would be nice if you also know how to take care of the liver in order to remain healthy.

As for how that can be done is to always look at all the food or beverages are consumed. Praktikan healthy lifestyle with the consumption of fruits, vegetables, and cut down on foods containing toxins such as food which consists of chemicals, greasy foods, and foods that contain too much fat.

In addition, feel free to do a careful inspection on a regular basis, especially when the color of the feces and urine that comes out it is murky in 6 days. This can be a sign that the liver condition was not healthy. So a little review about how to care for liver and liver function in humans. May be useful.